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Maybe the Internet of Things isn’t such a great thing to look forward to…

January 24, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments


Recently Gartner has been harping on about the economic and technological impact the Internet of Things (IoT) will have in the coming years.

For those of you who need a quick reminder of what this IoT-thing is all about, it comes down to plugging communication and computation capabilities into all kinds of everyday devices, and allowing them to interact with the user or even other devices, directly or by being hooked up to the internet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The example long thrown around is the fridge that monitors its content and orders stuff you are about to run out of. Nowadays of course, we are hooking more and more stuff up to the internet, like your camera, TV and Blu-ray player, but also your running shoes or your heating thermostat. And everyday more applications are added to this list.

It creates possibilities in user-interaction, or user-friendliness never before possible – I mean being able to remotely turn down the thermostat in your house and lower the blinds can have its advantages, no?

But maybe there’s also a downside to this. IT-security is currently an ever growing concern for companies, so now add to the current stack of computers and servers in danger of viruses and malware, about 26 billion devices who have often been created with anything but IT-security in mind, and this is bound to be a recipe for serious disaster.

Charles Stross, a science fiction author with a degree in computer sciences, often writing about a world “15 minutes in the future” as he puts it himself, had some interesting points about the dark side of this Internet of Things (especially the report about the spambot hidden in an electric kettle)…

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