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Entrepreneurs are the new Kardashians

Maybe you are also experiencing some kind of anxiety about the fact that you haven’t taken the step yet to start up your own business or to pitch your idea (what, you don’t have an idea yet neither… tsss) to what is seemingly an endless supply of people, who are looking for another “entrepreneur” to throw sacks of money at, looking for the next big thing?

You are really not to blame for feeling like you must surely be a sad idiot for not having taken the plunge yet to become an entrepreneur. For quite some time now the trumpets of all kinds of media, politicians and really serious business people have been tooting the same tune; we need more entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs will save the economy, entrepreneurs are the newest cool thing, do you want to make disgusting amounts of money, just do it because I did and succeeded, are you tired of working for someone else, do you want to date supermodels?

It just seems like it’s so easy, trendy, and a short road to success. Afterall, it has “you must be willing to fail” as a tagline, so really, why wouldn’t you think it a good idea to try and get into the game…?

A few years ago when asked what they wanted to become when they were grown up, kids started answering with stuff like “a celebrity” or “a Kardashian”, and people rolled their eyes, tutting and cursing about where this world is headed. Soon that kid’s answer might become “an entrepreneur”, “Richard Branson” or “Warren Buffet”. It might sound more ambitious or serious, but let’s be honest, it would be just as generalized or ridiculous, and proof of the same yet slightly different type of cult of status.

Actually, it’s becoming even a bit of a strange mashup, where succesful entrepreneurs are elevated to celebrity status, while many celebrities, many known only for their name, are desperately trying to claim the job title of entrepreneur.

Recently the candidates in (yet another) reality program about starting entrepreneurs “Top Starter” were given a plethora of Apple goodies and an expensive luxury car “to do their job with”. Obviously you can’t do your job as entrepreneur without having at least some status symbols, why else are you trying to become one, right? Again something contributing to the myth of the entrepreneur as a luxury job, where the first things you need, and obviously deserve, are an expensive tablet computer and an expensive Mercedes.

Every month we’re slapped about the ears with gruesome statistics about the number of companies going bust. Of course only the big ones make it into the news by name, but the pace at which online platforms, small businesses and shops pop up only to disappear with not a bang, let alone so much as a whimper about 1 year later should also be a sign that it’s not easy to make it as an entrepreneur.

Everybody can take the chance, but that’s not a reason why everybody should. And if your main motivation or short-term expectation is to drive a nice white 4×4, in your €3.000 suit, with one of iEverything in your crocodile leather briefcase, maybe then you really shouldn’t…

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